Flex Assure is operated by Flex Assure Ltd., a not for profit company limited by guarantee and sponsored by the Association for Decentralised Energy. It is registered in England and Wales and the company number is 11652552

Flex Assure Ltd is governed by a Board of Directors and a Committee. The Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing the Articles of Association, Company policy and finance. The Committee provides oversight of the Flex Assure Code and is responsible for reviewing the activities of the Scheme Administrator, proposing or considering modifications to the DSR Code of Conduct and Bye-Laws, for final approval by the Board of Directors. The Company Bye-Laws set out the duties of the Board and Committee in more detail.

The Flex Assure Scheme Administrator is responsible for the operation of the Scheme, including financial administration, IT and communications support, and reports to the Board of Directors.

Auditing services will be contracted out on an independent basis by Flex Assure Ltd.

Flex Assure Governance Diagram