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 30th April 2023

Flex Assure is happy to announce that the Flex Assure Industrial and Commercial Scheme has received funding from National Grid ESO, allowing us, with the help of the Flex Assure Committee, to make key changes to the Scheme, such as:

  • A significant reduction to the Scheme membership fees which are now tiered based on the size of the member organisation. 
  • A reduction in the workload for members in order to meet Scheme requirements. 
  • A review of the entire audit process, making it more streamlined and aligned with existing industry qualifications.

The compliance scheme and Code of Conduct helps businesses to compare the different services offered by aggregators – the companies who enable businesses to access power flexibility markets – and in turn choose a service that is right for their business.

Joining the scheme demonstrates a business’s ability to abide by industry-leading standards, the Flex Assure mark can only be used by registered flexibility service providers. It also provides business energy users with the assurance that they will receive high quality service from any registered Scheme Member.

If you’re interested in how your organisation can become a member, click here