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30th June 2023

After 18 months of preparation, the HOMEflex Code of Conduct is coming to fruition with an open consultation. In partnership with Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) and funded by the NIA, the HOMEflex project was launched to develop transparency,

inclusivity and respect between flexibility service providers and their customers.

The project was to create a code of conduct which sets out common standards of practice for companies delivering energy flexibility services to domestic and micro-business customers, encouraging good practice and accountability.

The code has now been developed following research conducted by the Centre of Sustainable Energy (CSE) on various groups of domestic customers, to understand how the services provided can address the concerns and worries of customers and build their trust. It has been drafted with the support of a range of stakeholders on an industry code working group, supported by Government observers. This ensured that perspectives were gained from right across the domestic and micro-business flexibility market place.

We are pleased to see that the code of conduct will be used ahead of schedule by national grid ESO in their winter 23/24 demand flexibility service and that it is gaining positive industry exposure and contributing to the transition to net zero.

We are now opening the draft code to a consultation to ensure wider acceptance for the requirements it contains. A webinar will be held to aid in better understanding of the code and its objectives to guide prospectives respondents that have not yet been a party to the code drafting. The webinar will go further into the code drafting process, how we expect the consultation to run over the coming month and a timeline up to the code of publication and beyond. The open consultation closes on ….

The open consultation webinar will take place on the 3rd July 2023 at 3pm. Sign up via the link to participate in the webinar.

Submit your response on Flex Assures HOMEflex page

The first draft of the HOMEflex code of conduct can be read here. To access the slides from the HOMEflex open consultation webinar, click here