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21st December 2023

As we wrap up another eventful year, we can’t help but look back on the progress we have made following a time of exciting developments for both the Flex Assure Scheme and the HOMEflex project. 

Back in April, the Flex Assure Industrial and Commercial Scheme received funding from National Grid ESO, meaning that

we have been able to make some very positive and impactful changes to the scheme and its requirements. Their support has meant that most significantly, we have been able to reduce joining and membership fees right down, making the scheme much more accessible for organisations of differing types and sizes. All changes were made and completed in November, following correspondence with the Flex Assure Committee and month-long stakeholder consultations. We continue to have very positive conversations with participants in the industrial and commercial marketplace and we eagerly anticipate welcoming new members in the new year. To read more about the specific changes that have been made, visit the Scheme Modifications page on the Flex Assure website and our dedicated news article. 

Throughout the beginning of the year, we also continued with development of the HOMEflex Code of Conduct with the help of an industry working group and the HOMEflex research report completed by Centre for Sustainable Energy. The report supported the pressing demand from domestic and microbusiness energy consumers for industry standards as well as the need to adhere to these standards in order to give consumers confidence to get involved with energy flexibility services. These valuable fundings have shaped the content of the HOMEflex Code, guiding us towards meeting the evolving needs of consumers. The research findings and participant suggestions were carefully considered, and the initial version of the Code was released for a month-long open consultation throughout July, allowing us to integrate industry stakeholder feedback from both inside and out of the Code working group. 

October brought several significant milestones for both the HOMEflex project and the Flex Assure Scheme, with the release of the HOMEflex Code at a launch event in London and National Grid ESO flagging both Flex Assure Scheme membership and alignment to the HOMEflex Code on the Demand Flexibility Service Registered Providers list. Additionally, the HOMEflex project being shortlisted for Utility Weeks’s Net Zero Engagement Award was a testament to our dedication to consumer protection as a vital component for the growth of energy flexibility. 

Amidst these achievements our team grew to welcome new talents and expertise, both internally and with the addition of a board member from National Grid ESO. Looking ahead, we are excited to enter the new year with a steadfast commitment to furthering the growth of the Flex Assure Scheme and continuing to develop the HOMEflex project. Thank you for being part of journey and we look forward to what awaits us in the year ahead.

We hope you all have a wonderful festive season and a bright start to the new year!